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Best Maui Snorkeling Beaches:

Honolua Bay - The diversity of marine life is second to none

Kapalua Bay - A calm sheltered cove, ideal for snorkeling

Turtle Town Maui & Maluaka Beach - My favorite snorkeling beach on the south shore

Kaanapali Beach - Black Rock - Rated one of the top beaches in the world

Ahihi Kinau Reserve - Protecting our marine life for future generations

Molokini - Possibly the clearest water in all of Hawaii

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Of all the things to do in Maui, the most popular activity by far is Maui snorkeling.

And for good reason...

The Valley Isle has more miles of swimmable beach than any other Hawaiian island and an average year round temperature of 75-85°F.  The great weather in addition to the beautiful blue water produces world class surfing, windsurfing, diving, and snorkeling beaches.

Maui has been voted “Best Island in the World” by the readers of Condé Nast Traveler magazine for ten consecutive years and “World’s Best Island” by the readers of Travel & Leisure magazine for five years.  Even though it's the second largest of the 8 main islands, it somehow manages to maintain that relaxed sunset feel.  With just the right balance between resort convenience and tropical getaway, your Maui vacation will be the trip against which all others will be measured.

People aren't the only one's that think the Maui weather is great.  Out of the approximately 7,000-8,000 humpback whales surviving today, about 3,000 winter in Maui’s waters.

Hawaii's predominant year round winds, known as the trade winds, blow from the northeast.  Looking at the Maui map above you'll notice that the best Maui snorkeling beaches are on south and west facing shores.  These shores are hidden from the trade winds by the Maui mountains so the water stays clear and calm.

The 120 miles of coastline and over 30 miles of beaches make Maui snorkeling the perfect activity for the entire family.

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Maui snorkeling & Maui Beaches Hawaii.

Snorkel Wisely
I know… I know… but it has to be said. The Hawaii snorkeling information contained within these pages is meant only as a general guide as to what to expect when visiting the Hawaiian Islands. As beautiful and mild as Hawaii usually is, weather is always unpredictable. Know your swimming ability. Be prudent and take into consideration the weather and environmental conditions when planning your beach activities. Obey warning signs, they are there to protect you. “Those waves don’t look that bad” are famous last words. I want you to enjoy all that our beautiful islands have to offer. Just use common sense, ok.

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If you've found this Maui snorkeling information useful, please pass it on or link to it so others can benefit.