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At last! The Truth About Oahu Snorkel Tours by
Hawaiiís Snorkeling Expert!

Aloha, Iím Grant Kailikea and during my lifetime of diving here in the Hawaiian Islands, Iíve had the opportunity to have ridden and evaluated every full time snorkel tour on Oahu.

The truth about Oahu snorkel tours is most times the tours with the best advertising have the poorest qualityÖ and the worst part is if you donít have a thorough knowledge of the industry, you understandably wouldnít know any better.

Because of my unique insider knowledge of the Hawaii snorkeling industry, Iím always asked by visitors which tour companies I recommend.

Hereís my insider list of the exceptional Oahu snorkel tours carefully chosen based on overall visitor experience, snorkeling location, and customer service. This short list has literally taken me years to research and narrow to these outstanding few.


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Snorkel Wisely
I know… I know… but it has to be said. The Hawaii snorkeling information contained within these pages is meant only as a general guide as to what to expect when visiting the Hawaiian Islands. As beautiful and mild as Hawaii usually is, weather is always unpredictable. Know your swimming ability. Be prudent and take into consideration the weather and environmental conditions when planning your beach activities. Obey warning signs, they are there to protect you. “Those waves don’t look that bad” are famous last words. I want you to enjoy all that our beautiful islands have to offer. Just use common sense, ok.

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